Netflix USA - Easy Setup Guide

Today I'm going to show you how to get Netflix USA in Canada or any country. It's very easy to do and will unlock 8000 new shows and movies on your Netflix!

How Do I Get Netflix USA in Canada?

To get Netflix USA in Canada all you need is a Blockless account.

How Do I Get a Blockless account?

Click here to open Blockless in a new window. Create your account where the blue arrows are pointing in the picture below.

After your account is created follow their setup guide for your device (Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC, Smart TV... whatever you use) then you're done! 

After setting up you'll have Netflix USA in Canada or any country! 

That's all I need to get Netflix USA?

Yep, that's really all you need! Just a...

  • Blockless account. 
  • Few minutes to follow the setup guide for your device.

Then you'll be on American Netflix with 8000 new shows & movies!

Is This Free? What is Blockless anyways?

This is 100% free to try! Blockless allows you to try out Netflix USA for 1 full week with no obligations. No credit card needed.

Blockless is a Canadian business ran out of Ontario that's used by 10,000s of Canadians every month to get Netflix USA and other blocked services up here in Canada.

How Does Blockless work?

Blockless allows you to connect to Netflix through their servers in the USA. This lets you access the American version of Netflix. The picture below sums it up quite well!

What Happens After The 1 Week Trial?

After your one week trial of Netflix USA with Blockless, your Netflix will revert back to Canadian until you subscribe to Blockless.

To subscribe it only costs a few bucks a month ($4.95) to get the US version of Netflix forever plus a bunch of other US only services like Pandora Radio and Hulu!

If you'd like to subscribe just login to your Blockless account at anytime during or after your trial and you'll be prompted to!

So How Do I Get Started Again?

To get started watching the US version of Netflix just click here to open up Blockless and create an account! Setup takes under 5 minutes then you'll be good to go on the USA version of Netflix!

I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave a review of Blockless on the right side of the page to help others! 

If you'd like even more information on Blockless click here for my full Blockless review.

Tried out Blockless? Leave a review below!

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